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Looking for help to start your VA Business?

Are you starting out as a Virtual Assistant but not sure where to begin?

Or are you in the process of starting out but don't know what you don't know?

About 18 months ago this was me!

I knew I wanted to start up my own VA business and I had the drive and passion to do so, but I knew I needed help to get started. So I did my research and was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of offerings out there! I wanted to follow a programme or course that gave me everything I needed in one place and it had to be from a reliable, trustworthy source that had the experience behind them.

I did have the fear that I would part with my hard earned cash only to be handed a half-hearted, lack-lustre product that didn't deliver what it promised. However, I came across the FAB-VA programme by Sarah Rugg and as I read more about it, I soon realised this was the programme I'd been looking for.

There was no in-your-face look-at-me promotion or any promises of a 6-figure income at your fingertips (we've all been bombarded with those right?!) This was a real, down-to earth package that outlined the steps you need to take to get your VA business off the ground.

And so I watched the introductory video and had a call with Rob from the sales team - and my mind was put at ease - but to be honest I had already decided to make the purchase, I just wanted to double check there were real people behind it all!

And I was right! Along with the programme, you also get a wealth of support behind it. You have the ability to email the support team with any questions or technical support and the team are friendly and approachable and respond quickly. If you're lucky, you may time your purchase right and snap up a discounted offer or buy a bundle that includes access to the Facebook support group where all the students and support team including Sarah herself, are there to support you and provide a warm and engaging community, where you can ask any question big or small.

What's included?

So, want to know what's included in the programme? What do you get for your money? Well, I got my wish granted and it includes everything you need to know to start up a successful VA business.

I knew nothing about setting up business and this course guided me through, step by step, the basics of registering as a sole trader, what insurances and policies you need and should have in place and the legalities of running a business. Sure you can Google to your heart's content about how to set up and what you should have, but time is precious and how do you know what you're reading is accurate? I am just pleased that I had it all in one place, and I still have access to it all now.

The programme is split into modules based around F-A-B: Foundation, where it tells you how to begin, how to set up your business, creating your website and brand and how to tell the world you've arrived. Achieve Confidence - a series of videos from professional business coaches to help you to boost your confidence, understand your reasons for doing this and step into your best self. And Build - how to find your clients, what types of tasks you could do and getting paid! It also includes some valuable extras such as policy document templates that otherwise you'd have to buy or track down yourself.

You follow the course at your own pace, and I completed it in around 3 months working on it 2-3 days a week. Ok so this sounds completely like a sale pitch, however it's not. I don't work for Sarah but I do believe in the programme as I wouldn't be here without it! I got my first client 4 months after purchasing the programme and 12 months later I had reached my goal of filling 100 hours a month! I now get other start-up VAs asking me for advice and how to get started. So that's why I've written this post and it's a kind of testimonial too and contains an affiliate link. So if you want to find out more, visit the My VA Business/ FAB-VA website.

Remember you are investing in yourself and your new business and if you're serious about starting out as a VA then you won't be disappointed with this. Along with determination and dedication, this is just the means to get you where you want to be - running your own successful VA business and working to your own terms.

If you do want a chat about this or have any questions about starting out on your VA journey, drop me an email or give me a shout on LinkedIn!

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