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Hello, I'm Cat!


Before starting my business, I worked in IT projects for 10 years and whilst other project managers pushed reports and documentation to the bottom of their list, I thrived in it!  Prior to project management I held supporting administrative roles where I helped embed new systems and improve working practices around me.
Sounds a bit corporate doesn't it! Well, I'm a professional with an academic mind, which puts me in a great position for starting my own business to do what I love most - working with other like-minded people growing their own thriving business, living their best life alongside it.  I want to help you run your business your way, and I support my clients to achieve their goals, their way, fitting in some days off on the way! 

As I work, I'm always thinking of ways to be more efficient, whether that's creating templates or simplifying processes, I can help you be more productive. 
If you're looking for a helping hand to streamline your business or simply want to off-load so you can take some time to enjoy yourself, just give me a call! 

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