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Pricing packages

When working on tasks, time is tracked to the nearest 15 mins. 
I will monitor your usage on a regular basis and update you when nearing the limit. I'll also discuss switching to another package if needed to ensure you're get the committed hours.

Virtual Assistant based in Birmingham, UK


£350 monthly

10 hours per month
£35 per hour


£700 monthly

20 hours per month
£35 per hour


£1,050 monthly

30 hours per month
£35 per hour

Packages are invoiced monthly in advance for the agreed hours. Any additional hours will be invoiced in the following month at the same rate.  
I also offer a Taster package of 5 hours per month so we can begin to build our working relationship and you can see if working with me is the right thing for you - please get in touch if you'd like to try this out.

Pricing: Plans & Pricing
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