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A Virtual Assistant's best friend!

Browser profiles are currently my best friends! 😁

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"and breathe..."

Did you know that you can create multiple profiles for your internet browser so that it separates internet activity according to different areas of your life? You can also create profiles for each family member if you are using the same computer, so that you have your own set of favourites and own personalisation settings such as window colours and themes 🤩

For a Virtual Assistant with more than one client, setting up a profile for each client has been a game changer for me! Not only does it mean I can list favourites and shortcuts for Client A under Profile A and only have Client B websites listed under Profile B, but it means the passwords for the different clients are kept completely separate.

One of my clients requires that I use the password manager that they set up for me, and that I use that ONLY for their systems' passwords - no personal use and no other client use. So this could get very onerous if you've got say 5 clients, all with their own systems and passwords - being prompted to log in with the wrong account - sound familiar? It also gets a little crazy when clients use the same systems! There is always the danger that you log in using the wrong username and password potentially jeopardising someone's privacy - no thank you.

So now that I've set up multiple profiles, it saves me a lot of time and effort! I don't have to keep signing out and in again! I could just open up a separate browser with the correct profile, to work on a different client's tasks.

💡Great idea - so how do I set these profiles up?

So I use Microsoft Edge but set up is very similar (probably easier) in Chrome and other browsers.

1. In Edge, look at the top right hand corner and click on your profile picture (or the grey circle with a profile outline).

2. In the drop down menu select Add Profile.

3. Click Add and then follow the next steps, (signing into your MS account) choosing your preferences until you get to Finish! Your new profile is now ready!

4. To add your photo or change any settings, click on your profile photo/icon and go to Manage Profile settings.

To switch between profiles, simply click on your profile icon and select the profile you want. A new tab will open with that profile and it's settings!

If you need to delete a profile, click on the 3 dots within the profile settings and click "Remove".

💡The best thing about this is that if you change devices, you can log into your profile and your settings will come along with it.

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