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3 simple Zoom tips

I joined some networking meetings online recently and they were delivered via Zoom. During a couple of these meetings, I learnt a few technical how-tos, so I thought I’d share these 3 simple tips with you.

1. Lighting!

All too often I see people on camera with a window or other light source behind them. This makes you appear either in shadow or just faded out in a bright light! It means people cannot see you properly - so ideally you want to sit with the window or light in front of you and so that it is behind your camera. This way your face is lit up and not in shadow.

2. Change you display name.

Even though I had already set my display name to what I wanted before the meeting started, I had to click a link to join a meeting - for one large networking meeting, there was no option to join with the meeting ID. This means your name can default back to something impersonal like “iPhone” or “Cat’s laptop”. Not very professional! An easy way to change it is, once you are in a meeting - find your own participant video thumbnail/window and click on the 3 dots menu to the top right hand side then select Rename. Make sure to enter a relevant name such as your actual name and/or business name. Some people enter their email address.

3. Save Chat!

A game changer for me, why didn’t I know this before?! If a lot of information has been shared via the Chat - to save you writing it all down or copying and pasting, you can save the whole chat in one go.

Just click on the three dots next to where you would type a message and click on the Save Chat option. This saves a text file to your Documents\Zoom folder.

Tip - do this right at the end of the meeting to capture everything.

Really handy in those networking meetings!

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