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This is the sign you're looking for!

Are you on the verge of starting something or are you just not sure if you're ready? Then this is what you've been looking for - JUST DO IT!

OK, so it's a famous slogan and a well used phrase in the world of business but for me it has been the kicker that has helped push me to get things done. I created a vision board at the end of last year, and I stuck the words "Just Do It" right in the centre. This has been one of my mottos for this year! There were some questions I was asking myself; Should I spend this money on a life-coaching course? Should I create that new social media account I've been thinking of? Should I really start up my own business? So I had a ready-made answer: Just do it!

I used to think too much about an idea and before you know it I'd talked myself out of it and pushed it to the back of my mind. But since I had the mind-shift, when I feel like I'm wavering over something a little out of my comfort zone, I remember "Just do it!" And then bam; my life-coaching course is complete; my Instagram account is flourishing and now my own business is set up and ready to go!

I'm sure I'm not alone in this - so, this is your sign, you don't need permission - go for it - just do it!

Tell me, what ideas are you bringing to life today?

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